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Bakari Group focuses on the pillars of the Congolese economy, namely people, soil and subsoil, has deliberately benefited from its strategic investments.

The group

BAKARI GROUP is a holding company with interests in different sectors of the Congolese economy. The name BAKARI comes from Swahili, it means "promising", a vision of the founders of the company who have a firm belief in the emergence of Africa.

When the company was founded, our founders firmly believed in the bright future of the Congo. As a Congolese company having acquired over the years, an expertise and a passion for the Congolese commercial landscape, we can firmly imagine the future of this country. From African exceptionalism to African development, we want to invest in the country's economic pillars for a richer and healthier future. The motivation behind our investment has always been the emancipation of the Congolese economy. For us, Congolese wealth begins first in man and ends in the soil and subsoil.

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